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The bass (MicropTERUS salmoides) is a freshwater gamefish in the sunfish family, a species of black bass native to North America. TERUS is the root word for the scientific name of a black bass.

Let’s face it, fishing is a science. That is why at Terus Fishing Apparel, we put science behind our performance apparel. We believe that anglers should get a TRULY premium product, at a fair price. At Terus Fishing Apparel, we believe that performance apparel shouldn’t be limited to just tournament anglers. We believe that ALL anglers should enjoy the benefits of our performance apparel. Whether you are fishing for a tournament or just hitting the water for a weekend of fun fishing, we believe that our performance apparel will boost your performance on the water! Don’t let inferior apparel ruin your fun on the water. Terus Fishing Apparel can truly make a huge difference in your fishing experience, no matter the time of year.

We understand the importance of quality in fishing apparel. The elements play a huge part in the science of fishing. Those same elements play a huge part in choosing the right apparel for those elements. With Terus Fishing Apparel being backed by science, the first time you put on our apparel, you can immediately see what sets us apart from other apparel companies.

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Terus Fishing Apparel was created by fisherman, for fisherman! That is why Terus Fishing Apparel offers the best fishing attire out there! With Terus Fishing Apparel, you can focus on fishing and not the elements! Thank you for choosing Terus Fishing Apparel, we look forward to giving you the apparel experience of a lifetime!

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