Loyalty Program

Want to be REWARDED for being a loyal customer?

Terus Fishing Apparel wants to reward anglers with the BEST Loyalty Program on the market! We want to not only reward tournament fisherman, we also want to reward our weekend anglers as well! We will have monthly contests strictly for our weekend anglers that will allow them to win FREE product and some cold hard cash!

We will cover the following trails and tournaments at this time.

BFL, TBF, FLW Costa Series, BASS Opens, Ram Opens, ABA Weekend Series, CATT Trails, Carolina Bass Challenge Series, FLW Tour and BASS Elites.

Here is how it works.


To reward anglers at all levels, Terus Fishing Apparel has implemented a Loyalty Program that not only rewards tournament anglers at the professional level, amateur level and local level but we are also rewarding recreational and weekend anglers! To be qualified for the Loyalty Program, you must purchase the $25 Loyalty Program fee to eligible for the rewards.

  • You must be wearing a Terus Fishing Apparel short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, hat or a Terus Fishing Apparel logo must be on your jersey and be clearly visible during weigh ins.
  • Any Terus Fishing Apparel for sale at www.terusfishing.com is eligible.
  • Boaters and non-boaters must win 1st place in their respective division to be eligible for any rewards
  • The boater and non-boater must have made a purchase from www.terusfishing.com within the last 3 months of the date of their win to be eligible.
  • There is no minimum purchase price from www.terusfishing.com to become eligible.
  • All Rewards are paid out in Gift Cards.
  • Boater and non-boater winners must present us with weigh in photos and a copy or photo of the check to redeem rewards.
  • Boaters in any division of the BFL or RAM Opens will win $50. Non-boaters will win $25
  • Boaters in the FLW Costa Series and BASS Opens will win $150 and non-boater will win $75
  • Boater on the FLW Tour or BASS Elite Series will win $500. Non-boaters will win $250
  • Teams in the CATT Trail or the Carolina Bass Challenge will win $50 per boat
  • Boaters in any division of the TBF or ABA Weekend Series will win $50. Non-boaters will win a $25 gift certificate to www.terusfishing.com
  • Recreation and Weekend Anglers will be chosen at random every month to win a $50 Gift Certificate to www.terusfishing.com. Photos of fish catches with Terus Fishing Apparel in the photo must be provided through social media in order to be eligible. The best photo of the month will be rewarded with $50 in cash!
  • All above criteria must be met in order to maintain eligibility for the Terus Fishing Loyalty Program.
    If you have any questions regarding the date of your last purchase you can email terusfishing@gmail.com and we will answer any and all questions.